Would you like to become
a part of a multi-billion industry?

Our lottery white label software solution gives you
the possibility to offer all of the world's biggest lotteries to your users.

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Our flagship products

Lottery white label software

Fully-featured platform with all you need to start and manage your lottery business in a matter of days.

Global lottery engine

Start your own lottery with our cutting-edge technology featuring the world's first True Random Number Generator.

Mobile ready

Perfectly prepared for any type of traffic, not only desktop. In 2018, 58% of site visits were from mobile devices.

WhiteLotto platform is designed to serve your mobile visitors with the same perfect lotto experience and full functionality.

biggest jackpots

Enjoy great user engagement and retention thanks to the selectrion of the world's biggest and attractive lotteries with draws taking place every day.

Global lottery market

In 2018, the global lottery grew by 8%, passing $302 billion and it is expected to reach $379 billion by 2025. Whitelotto gives you a unique opportunity to get onboard in no time.

While being twice as big as the global movie industry, lotteries continue to see constant growth and numerous blue oceans are still untapped.

Top-notch user experience

We strive to deliver the best converting product out there, using the latest standards in web design and development.

Be unique

Our team of designers will make you stand out in the crowd. No pre-made templates, your site will get a fully customized, unique, dedicated design.

Mobile ready

Our solution gives your customers a hassle-free experience across all platforms, boosting your sales results.

In-house affiliate system

Get more traffic using affiliation partnerships, supercharge your revenue with the in-house affiliate system.

Lotto is borderless

Give your users the possibility to play the world’s biggest lotteries, offering them a great selection of the best jackpots and rollovers in one place.

All-in-one solution

We provide a fully featured solution, including a back office with user management, analytics, reporting tools and payment systems.

Lottery Messenger vs Custom Games

Lottery Messenger Custom Games
Time to go live: 14-30 days 30-45 days
Setup cost: Low Medium
Custom games: On demand Yes (lottery, raffle)
Revenue share: Point to Negotiation Point to Negotiation
License: None, Offshore, Local Offshore, Preferably Local
Offline activity: Usually no Yes
Example: lottopark.com lottozambia.com
Tickets & Prizes: Purchased or Insured Insured or Security Deposit
Competition: Low Ultra Low

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