Keno whitelabel – a ready-made idea for an online business

Keno is one of the most popular lottery games in the world. By betting on which numbers will be drawn during a drawing, you give yourself a chance to win attractive monetary prizes. The chances of winning are accompanied by excitement and adrenaline. Millions of fans of this type of entertainment buy Keno tickets everyday believing that the dream of winning will soon come true. You can join the ranks of regular players and wait for the big day when fortune will smile on you or you can make use of the popularity of Keno in a different way.

You can swap your dreams of hitting huge lottery winnings for… your own lottery platform online that will bring you profits very fast, and in a longer run – provide you with financial independence, satisfaction and money that will largely exceed the amount of the main winnings in Keno! What is more – you don’t actually need a huge budget to start your enterprise or to look for programmers and graphic designers who will prepare the lottery platform from scratch. You can trust our experience and use our Keno whitelabel – which means a ready-made solution that we will tailor to your expectations.

Why choose the Keno whitelabel from WhiteLotto?

The world of lotteries offers plenty of opportunities not only for the players but also for the lottery organizers and the middlemen in ticket sales. Every year, the ticket sales for the greatest lotteries, including obviously the famous Keno game, exceed 200 billion dollars! A growing number of lottery fans are using websites that make it possible to purchase lottery tickets from around the world. Once you launch your own platform based on the Keno whitelabel solution offered by us, you will be able to grow your business and have a part in the profits generated by the lottery industry.

The Keno whitelabel is a ready-made software created by an experienced team of programmers and graphic designers who made sure to include all the really useful features and possibilities of a lottery platform. By choosing to start a cooperation with WhiteLotto, you get solid support on our part and a ready-made platform that is simple to use both for the players and for yourself. Our solution will be tailored to your expectations in terms of the color pattern, the available languages and the lotteries offered. Your task will be to choose the name of your brand in the world of online lotteries as well as the Internet domain.

Our graphic designers will prepare an attractive and clear design for the online platform based on the professional Keno whitelabel solution. We guarantee that you will stand out among the competition and that your website will work perfectly on all devices and web browsers.

Experienced programmers will launch all features for you that will help you gain new customers, have control over the effects of promotional activities and grow your new business. A huge advantage of our Keno whitelabel is that your platform will be simple and convenient to use for the customers, while at the same time being one of the most advanced and professional Keno and lottery services in the industry.

Even after launching the new Keno platform you will be able to make use of our help and experience. Each of our partners receives support of a dedicated manager who will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A competent manager will help you make further steps on the way to success and financial freedom.

The most interesting opportunities in Keno whitelabel

We know from our own experience what players expect from a website that offers lottery tickets online. That’s exactly why the Keno whitelabel solution offered by us has been translated to 37 language versions. It means that you can launch a global platform and reach hundreds of millions of lottery fans from all around the world with your offer. You may also choose to limit your offer to one or a few out of the available languages, focusing on Asia or on South America, for example.

Our software makes it possible to sell tickets for many lotteries, not only for the Keno game. Among hundreds of different geographical latitudes, we selected 25 most interesting games, and in the future we’re planning to introduce further attractive items to our offer. Your website based on the Keno whitelabel will make it possible to purchase tickets for such games as Powerball and MegaMillions, OZ Lotto, Eurojackpot, La Primitiva, EuroMillions or GG World Lottery with the biggest basic jackpot of 100,000,000 dollars.

The customers who like to buy tickets in bundles in order not to miss a drawing will certainly be satisfied with the multi-draw feature. Another value for the players will be the bonuses and promotions that can be easily managed from the admin panel.

Our Keno whitelabel solution is also advanced online payment options. We made sure to integrate many popular payment methods with our lottery platform – your players will be able to pay for the purchased tickets even with Bitcoin! All it takes is a few clicks to remove or add new currencies accepted on your website.

You want to know how to have control over your lottery business and the platform based on lottery software and the Keno whitelabel? With help of the easy to use admin panel, you’ll be able to filter report data based on many different criteria, such as by lottery, country, date, player. You’ll be able to generate detailed reports that will answer the questions: which lotteries yield the biggest profits, which country is the biggest number of active customers from or how many tickets for Keno or other lotteries have been sold within the last month.

Thanks to the admin panel, you’ll be able to perform professional customer service. You will have insight into such data as deposits from a particular customer, the tickets they purchased or withdrawals of winnings requested by them. Our tools will help you serve the customers smoothly, fast and on top-level.

Want to know more? Click here to check the other opportunities offered by our lottery solution. Contact us to talk about your own professional platform with Keno and lotteries online. Make the first step to achieve global success!

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