Make your own lottery

People all around the world play lotteries. Some of them are lucky enough to claim one of the great jackpots and become instant millionaires. Prizes reaching several hundred million dollars heat up the imagination of those who seek for a quick way of changing their lifes, ending up with a lottery ticket in their hand. The odds of winning are not in their favor though, so even if they win one of the smaller prizes, they will buy another ticket for the next draw.

In the end, the house always wins rule also applies to the lottery industry. It’s worth noting that it’s an industry with some big numbers behind it. Only during the last year people around the world have spent more than $279 billion on lottery tickets. If it is so profitable, wouldn’t it be a great idea to make your own lottery or to create a lottery website with the greatest jackpots?

Create own lottery website

The idea indeed is great, but sadly – it’s not that simple or even impossible. Still, there’s a pretty easy way to guarantee yourself a piece of this multi-billion cake. What you want is to make your own lottery ticket selling website. One of the best parts of the idea is you won’t be required to have design or coding skills, just a bit of entrepreneurship and devotion to your new business will be just fine to get you started in no time. So how to create a lottery website?

Thanks to lottery platform solution developed by WhiteLotto, you can make your own lottery ticket selling website in a matter of days. Our white label solution is packed with great features giving you the opportunity to jump in the lottery industry, looking like you’ve been in the game for years. What you get is a unique, user-friendly design and a great interface, allowing your users to buy tickets for lotteries from all around the world. The great Powerball known for the highest jackpot in lotto history ($1,5 billion!), Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Eurojackpot and many more.

Create a lottery website with WhiteLotto

Everything you need to start selling lottery tickets worldwide is right there. You will have a great set of tools to keep full control of your new business. Full reporting and analytics tools will give you a deep insight view on your marketing and advertising campaign, making it easier to scale and tweak them to boost your revenue.

The lottery business is highly regulated, but we’ve also got it covered. All WhiteLotto’s partners may offer their services using our license. Feel free to go global from the very beginning – 30 local translations are ready, so you could pick the market you’d like to conquer. We have also covered the risk associated with winnings. The sales model is based on insurance, so if one of your players wins, the insurance company will pay out the prize. This means that you can create a lottery website without any risk!

Make your own lottery online with our help

Do you want to have your own lottery with your rules and prizes set up by you? With the WhiteLotto solution, it’s easy and will bring you a lot of fun and satisfaction. Trust us – every single sold ticket will make you happy and proud! All you need to create a lottery online is your idea for the rules and prizes and of course for the name of the new lotto game. Keno, raffle, traditional 6/49 lotto game – the sky is the limit! You decide about the rules – we take care of the rest! The lucky numbers will be selected by our True Random Number Generator – 100% safe and reliable!

If you don’t have any vision for a new lotto game – WhiteLotto team is ready to help and we can create a lottery online according to our concept. Don’t worry – we have a lot of really interesting ideas – you and your customers will definitely love them!

You can create a lottery online without any experience!

Haven’t ever thought about running such a business and afraid the lack of experience will be a problem? We’re here for you, you will enjoy full support for the whole time, as we will be more than happy to share our lottery industry know-how and tens of years of experience we have gained throughout the years. We exactly know how to create a lottery website that will meet the expectations of the players. You can make your own lottery ticket selling website and start earning in a matter of days – contact us at WhiteLotto to get more detailed information.

Are you ready to create your own lottery online and become your own boss? Join us and make the first step to a bright future!

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