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It is common knowledge that games of chance are among the most popular types of entertainment, being enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. On top of the chances to win very attractive prizes in form of money and goods, the main motivation to play are the excitement and adrenaline comparable to the experience of bungee jumping.

Very huge interest is enjoyed by Raffle type games, which differ from the classic lottery. Their popularity keeps growing every year. If you still haven’t had a chance to try your luck in a Raffle – you should check out as soon as possible whether this game was made for you. You may also utilize the popularity of Raffles in a different way – you can become an owner of your own Raffle platform online today!

By opening your own platform offering the ability to purchase Raffle tickets, you will join the elite ranks of people who make huge money on number-based lotteries. In the last year alone, the sales of lottery tickets worldwide exceeded 279 billion dollars! If you’d like to get your own piece of that giant cake, take a moment to learn more about a top notch Raffle solution for you. We have a ready-made solution for you – it’s only up to you whether you make use of it and give yourself a chance to run a lucrative business online.

Raffle – what is that?

A Raffle is a type of lottery where the player buys a numbered ticket that gives them a chance to win the main prize or the extra prizes. Unlike a classic lottery, the player doesn’t select their lucky numbers. Their task is to choose one or more numbered tickets that are available in the Raffle pool.

Originally Raffle games were organized to collect funds for charities. The organizers would offer their participants a certain pool of numbered coupons. The players could buy a ticket and participate in drawings of symbolic prizes, such as toys, vouchers for different types of services, or even cakes or commemorative gadgets. The entire revenue from selling tickets was donated to a particular charity, like a church renovation, throwing a fair for children or medical expenses of people with serious illnesses.

The growing interest in Raffle lotteries has caused the organizers of gambling games to decide to introduce Raffles into their offer and to offer more valuable prizes in form of goods and money. Today fans of Raffles can participate in drawings where they can win such prizes as luxury cars, fancy watches, photographic equipment, exotic trips and much more. The revenue from selling the tickets goes to the prizes for the participants, covering the organizational costs of the drawing, as well as to fill the pockets of the organizers, who make millions on Raffles every day. You can join them by using our top notch Raffle solution for you, which we will discuss in detail in a moment.

The rules of playing a Raffle

There are different types of Raffles that offer different prize structures and are based on different rules, different numbers of tickets available for sale, different drawing times. We will present an example of a Raffle type lottery using GG World Raffle – the first global Raffle lottery online created by GG World.

The pool of available tickets includes 1000 coupons numbered 0001 to 1000. The player’s task is to choose one or more tickets that they believe might be picked when drawing the number of a lucky coupon. Every ticket number can only be purchased once, so if someone has already bought a ticket with the number the player wanted to choose – they have to make their choice again and choose a different ticket number. Of course the ticket numbers that have been chosen by someone are adequately marked. The players choose out of the available numbers.

In order to increase the chances of winning, it’s a good idea to buy more than one ticket for a Raffle lottery. When choosing the ticker numbers, we can choose our lucky numbers, like a combination of favorite digits, the apartment number, digits from the phone numbers or birthdays and anniversaries. We can also use a completely random choice of the coupon numbers. These days pretty much every online Raffle solution offers a “Quick Pick” type option, which is a random choice. In GG World Raffle, all we have to do is choose the “I’m feeling lucky” option for the system to randomly pick the lucky ticket number.

The lottery drawing takes place once all tickets are sold out. The winner of the main prize gets 5,000 dollars. Every drawing has as many as 25 winners – the main prize winner and 24 players who get a second tier prize in the amount of 100 dollars. The overall chances of winning in GG World Raffle are 1:1000!

Create your own Raffle platform

Raffle is a great idea for an online business. All you need is the right Raffle solution to open your own Internet game platform that will instantly gain popularity among the enthusiasts of number-based lotteries. You’re wondering how to create your own Raffle game and if it’s actually possible?

As recently as a few years ago you would need specialized knowledge, professional graphic designers and programmers to help you create a Raffle game from scratch and make it available on the Internet. Today you can use ready-made solutions that are already functioning successfully and being used by popular brands from the world of lotteries. You can trust the professionals and launch your own platform utilizing Raffle software with ready-made Raffle types or you can create a game based on your original idea. You can set the rules of your Raffle game by yourself and offer your players the kind of prizes that nobody in the industry has offered before!

If you create your own Raffle platform – you can become your own boss and work as much as you want and whenever you want. It’s only up to you and your commitment how fast your own business in the world of lotteries will grow. If you create an interesting Raffle game with attractive prizes, you can be sure that the news of your offer will spread among lottery fans like a wildfire. Your players will have a lot of fun and win attractive prizes, while you will make money online – in a world filled with opportunities.

The best Raffle software from WhiteLotto

To create your own Raffle platform, you don’t have to create the platform from scratch. All you have to do is use a ready-made Raffle solution and adjust it to your expectations. Utilizing an existing solution allows you to not only save time but also save money. On top of that, when you use a Raffle turnkey solution that has already been successfully used by someone, you are guaranteed that the solution does work and serves its functions.

WhiteLotto answers the expectations of those who wish to start a business in the lottery industry but they don’t have the experience nor the huge budget to start the enterprise. The top notch Raffle solution for you from WhiteLotto is a modern Raffle platform that guarantees professional appearance and operation combined with simple use and access only to the features that are actually needed. When using this type of solution, you can launch your Raffle game in a few days from making the decision to create your own platform.

You don’t need specialized knowledge or programming skills. The specialists from WhiteLotto will do everything for you. Our Raffle software is ready-made and works smoothly on many websites of our partners and clients. In order to save time and not put you through large investments, we will utilize a Raffle turnkey solution and tailor it to your expectations. Our graphic designers will take care of a unique graphic design, the programmers will help you create your own version of a Raffle with your own rules, and a dedicated manager will help you take care of promoting and developing the platform.

Your task related to our top notch Raffle solution for you will be to choose the brand name and the Internet domain for your website as well as decide on the game rules, organize the optional non-monetary prizes, set the amounts of monetary prizes and the future promotion of your new business.

Top notch Raffle solution for you

As we have already mentioned, there are many types of Raffles. When using our Raffle software, you can launch your own platform offering “Closed Pool Raffle” or “Open Pool Raffle”.

Closed Pool Raffle

Drawing the prizes in this type of Raffle games takes place once all the tickets in the pool are sold out. This means that the date of drawing is not known and it depends completely on the players and their interest. The more attractive the prize to be won – the faster you will sell out all the tickets.

Open Pool Raffle

This type of Raffle game doesn’t specify the minimum number of tickets that have to be sold for a drawing to take place. An Open Pool Raffle assumes, however, a specific drawing date – for example the tickets can be on sale for 30 days, and the value of the main prize might grow as the ticket sales grow. Even if only 100 tickets have been sold during 30 days – the drawing will take place as planned.

We offer a Raffle turnkey solution

We give you a ready-made solution that we have already tested in practice multiple times. One of the latest lotteries in the world – GG World Raffle, is based on our software and works without the slightest problems. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, we could create a Raffle solution that makes it possible to launch a platform with Raffle games as well as lottery games from all around the world! Which allows you to really quickly launch not only a Raffle platform but also a lottery platform with the greatest lotteries in the world, like Powerball, Eurojackpot or Mega Millions and SuperEnalotto.

How to open a lottery business with our Raffle turnkey solution?

Our Raffle turnkey solution has been translated to nearly 40 languages – which means you can choose to target your services, i.e. focus on Spanish speaking countries or you can operate globally and offer services in all the available languages. The offered platform will work smoothly on all devices, including the mobile version used by a growing number of players. These days plenty of things can be done using a smartphone, which provides us with access to entertainment around the clock. All we have to do is use a smartphone to buy Raffle tickets or even to manage the platform!

When you choose our Raffle turnkey solution, your players will be able to use many online payment methods. If you decide to offer your players not only Raffles, but also worldwide lotteries, you’ll be able to provide them with rich content together with tips and trivia on lotteries. On top of that, if you choose to, you’ll be able to create news and guides related to number-based lotteries. You can trust us and believe when we say that offering a Raffle online is a road to success, and offering other lotteries, including the greatest lotteries in the world with the biggest jackpots, are the further milestones that will get you closer to fulfilling your dreams of financial independence and world-class business.

The Raffle software offered by WhiteLotto makes it possible to effectively manage the platform and to fully control your new brand. Our specialists have prepared an array of features that will allow you to manage the currencies and payment options on the website, the available lotteries, the ticket prices or the content. In a simple way you’ll be able to launch an affiliate program, as well as generate detailed reports on ticket sales, analyze your web traffic, the effectiveness of advertising activities. Thanks to the tools we offer you will have an insight into the transaction history of each client – their deposits and payouts of winnings, the ticket numbers selected, or even the history of failed transactions. On top of that, we provide an array of marketing tools, such as for example the ability to offer bonuses and free tickets or a newsletter system that will allow you to encourage your players even more to participate in drawings.

If you wish to open your own Raffle platform – contact us. Our specialists will help you choose the right name and Internet domain for your platform. While carrying out all the formalities, we will determine the work flow and your expectations, whereas the WhiteLotto graphic designers and programmers will take care of the rest. In just 30 business days you’ll be able to see the results and start promoting your own Raffle platform for the enthusiasts of lotteries and great excitement.

A modern Raffle solution with professional help from a manager

If you believe that once the work of our graphic designers and programmers is done you will be on your own – do not worry. You’ll be able to use help of a dedicated manager who will teach you to use the platform, help you prepare an attractive offer for the players or an affiliate program so that you can effectively promote your new business. The manager will be available to you 7 days a week to answer your questions, to offer their experience and knowledge, so that you can spread your wings and develop a long-term cooperation with us. Good cooperation with our partners and clients is important to us, so that together we can create popular and smoothly operating Raffle and lottery platforms that the players will be fully satisfied with.

Don’t waste any more time and contact us today to talk about the best Raffle turnkey solution and your own business online!

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