Create your own Keno platform with WhiteLotto Keno solution

Did you know that the lottery industry is among the most profitable businesses in the world? Every day, fans of lotteries from all over the world spend millions of dollars on games and fun. It is common knowledge that people like having a good time and are willing to spend large amounts of money on entertainment. Lotteries guarantee a lot of excitement, adrenaline, and with a bit of luck they can change one’s life and bring huge winnings. The organizers of lotteries make billions thanks to addressing the expectations of lottery fans and providing them with such games as Keno or classic lotteries.

If you have ever considered running your own business and dreamed of financial independence – now is your chance to make a confident step into the world of online business and big money. Within just a few days you can open your own Keno platform, expand it with other lottery games and develop your brand that will very soon gain many clients and regular players. WhiteLotto has an offer for you that you simply can’t ignore! Take a moment and learn more about our Keno turnkey solution.

Keno – what is that?

Keno is a world-famous numbers game the origins of which date back to the 16th century. The creator of this lottery is considered to be Benedetto Gentile of Genoa, who developed the rules of the numbers game using the method of filling the empty positions in the city council. The idea was met with huge interest and brought the city significant profits. The city’s downfall, however, also resulted in suspension of all Keno activity.

It wasn’t until 1953, in West Berlin, when Keno was brought back to its roots and the enthusiasts of number-based lotteries were offered the Keno game. Day by day, the game kept gaining a growing number of loyal players. Today Keno is among the most popular lottery games, it is available in many different versions in many countries, such as Canada, France, USA, Germany, Poland or Hungary.

The Keno lottery is available at brick-and-mortar ticket vendors, at many casinos, and thanks to modern Keno software a growing number of people plays this type of lottery on the Internet.

The rules of playing Keno

There are different variants of the Keno game. In most of them, the player can mark 1 to 10 out of 70 numbers available. There are also variants where a Keno ticket has 80 numbers available. During a drawing, the drawing machine picks 20 lucky numbers.

It is up to the player how many numbers they will mark on the ticket. The more numbers they choose and the bigger amount they wager – the higher their winnings. Obviously, in order to win the main prize – one has to correctly choose 10 numbers and play the highest stake.

Keno lotteries don’t have jackpots or rollovers. The prizes for every winning tier are determined in advance. The player knows before they start how much they can win.

Keno drawings take place very often, even as often as every 4 minutes!

GG World Keno

One of the latest and most interesting versions of the Keno lottery is the lottery owned by the thriving family of GG World Lottery. The first GG World Keno drawing, because that’s the lottery we’re talking about, took place in October 2020. The lottery is very quickly gaining popularity and a group of loyal players who can win huge amounts of money every 4 minutes. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it is the greatest global Keno lottery online that can be played from any place in the world!

In order to play GG World Keno, one has to choose between 1 and 10 numbers out of the 70 numbers available on a virtual coupon. The player can pick the numbers on their own or use a feature available in the Keno solution used and pick the numbers automatically using the “Quick Pick”. The player may buy a single ticket or use the “multi ticket” option to participate in multiple GG World Keno drawings.

Create your own Keno platform

Seeing how Keno is such a huge hit among lottery players who spend millions of dollars on that game everyday – why not take a share for yourself out of that huge cake?

It’s a good idea to take advantage of the popularity of the Keno lottery and create your own platform based on modern Keno software that will allow lottery fans to play without leaving their homes, sitting comfortably in the chair and playing whenever they feel like.

It is not true that you need an army of programmers and graphic designers to create a real Keno platform that will live up to your expectations and the expectations of your clients. You don’t need a huge budget, specialized knowledge or experience in the lottery industry, either. In order to launch your own Keno platform you actually only need to choose the name of your brand and the Internet domain for your business. The rest will be taken care of by the specialists from WhiteLotto, the creators of the best Keno solution in the industry.

We offer Keno turnkey solution and the best Keno software

We offer you a ready-made Keno solution that will attract interest from fans of lottery games. Right from the first day, you’ll be able to sell Keno tickets online and enjoy seeing your first customers.

Our Keno turnkey solution comes with all the characteristics and features that players need to be able to safely and conveniently use the world of lotteries. Our specialists will tailor all the features to your expectations and put in your hands a complete, operational Keno platform.

Of course after the official premiere of your website offering the ability to play Keno and other lottery games, your commitment and ideas to promote your platform will be helpful. The development of your brand will depend on your creativity and the time spent on promotion – you will be your own boss, you will work for your own success and satisfaction.

The key to success in any type of business is believing in succeeding, commitment, determination and a good idea for an enterprise. By using the WhiteLotto offer you get a ready-made idea and the tools to make it happen, which is already a few milestones on the way to financial independence and satisfaction. We offer ready-made Keno software that may be the key to creating a business that will secure your future.

Top notch Keno solution – your own Keno platform from WhiteLotto

Thanks to the WhiteLotto software, you can offer lottery game enthusiasts a new GG World Keno game with attractive prizes, clear rules and attractive ticket prices. Our Keno software makes it possible to launch a Keno platform within no more than 30 business days from the day of determining with you all the details of our cooperation. It means that just 6 weeks from now you’ll be able to build your own brand and reach clients from different parts of the world.

Our Keno turnkey solution is a convenient Keno platform for the players

The WhiteLotto software for a Keno platform has been translated to 37 languages, which enables you to become an owner of a website that offers lottery tickets for sale worldwide, or you can choose to focus on selected languages. Our experience indicates that the customers of a Keno platform choose the websites where they can use their native language version. If you want to conquer the whole world and reach hundreds of millions of lottery fans with your offer – don’t limit yourself to just one or two language versions. If you go for targeting, like focused on Spanish speaking customers, remember that with our Keno turnkey solution, in the future you’ll be able to expand your platform with further language versions.

A Keno lottery is just one of the many suggestions in the WhiteLotto offer. Your professional Keno platform may offer the customers much more. Based on our 30 years of experience in the industry, including as lottery players, we have selected more than 20 most interesting lotteries that you can offer your customers. You have certainly heard of such lotteries as Powerball and Mega Millions with their record jackpots, Eurojackpot and EuroMillions available at brick-and-mortar locations in several European countries or the state lottery games in Spain (El Gordo, La Primitiva, Bonoloto), Italy (SuperEnalotto) or Australia (OZ Lotto, Saturday Lotto). That’s not all! With our lottery solution, you’ll be able to also offer the greatest global lottery online GG World Lottery, which offers the greatest basic jackpot in the industry – 100,000,000 dollars!

The customers using your Keno platform will be able not only to buy tickets, but also easily check the drawing results and utilize plenty of information making playing online easier. If you want to – you’ll be able to create a knowledge base with tips and trivia on Keno and other games. What is more – our software also offers access to a rich archive of drawing results.

Our Keno software means full control over your Keno platform

We have also taken care of your convenience in using the Keno platform and controlling the growth of your lottery business. The Keno turnkey solution from WhiteLotto provides an array of features that will enable you to create detailed reports on effectiveness of promotional activities and ticket sales. You will easily check which lotteries enjoy the greatest interests or which country the biggest number of your active players is from.

With help of the easy to use admin panel, you’ll be able to configure promotions and bonuses for the customers. You will instantly configure online payments, add or remove the accepted currencies, or even launch an affiliate program. Our developers have prepared an affiliate program integrated with the Keno platform, which will allow you to promote your brand more effectively.

Another thing that will help you in taking the first steps in the lottery industry will be a dedicated client manager who will be available with their advice, knowledge and experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can count on their help with any matter related to our Keno turnkey solution.

The best Keno software

Our specialists, when creating the Keno solution offered, took into account their own experience as players of Keno and other lottery games. It has made our solution 100% in line with the expectations and needs of players. Your platform will work great on any device, including the increasingly popular mobile devices. Did you know that every second player who plays lotteries online uses mobile devices? While the competition is working on adjusting their offer to smartphones and tablets, you are already one step ahead thanks to our Keno solution!

Thanks to a long-term cooperation with WhiteLotto, you will be able to spread your wings in the lottery business and join the ranks of industry leaders. Contact us and learn more about the features and possibilities offered by the WhiteLotto Keno software for your professional Keno platform.

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