Bingo and poker white label – is it the best idea for your business?

Starting an online business is a secure way of generating a passive income without much commitment. The advent of the internet has opened up business solutions for many people. The advancement of technology has also ensured that anyone who wants to get into business can do so without being stopped. Unlike in the past, you no longer need the experience to be able to access the high-tech business openings. An idea such as bingo and poker white label could scale your financial might higher. If you are interested in such a business model, we will explain how it works for you to start the business as soon as you want.

What are bingo and poker?

bingo white label

Even though you don’t expertise to start a white label online poker, you at least need to know the kind of business this is. Both bingo and poker are card games that are played regularly in casinos. Technology has made casinos available online and people are nowadays interested in online casinos more than physical casinos. Of course, this is because of the many convenience-related benefits that people get when they play from the comfort of their homes.

Owning such a business means that you provide a platform where gamblers can play bingo and poker online. It is a lucrative business because of the increase in the number of players that are willing to spend their money on gambling activities.

Bingo and poker white label – what is it?

Now that you already know the model of bingo and poker games, you also need to know how you get the platform ready for players to start enjoying these amazing online games.

The concept of the white label is what you first need to understand before you go ahead and link it to bingo and poker. In simple words, a white label (for example bingo white label, casino white label, lottery white label) is a model of service delivery where one business makes a product to be sold to another company for its use. The white label company has expertise in developing a program while the buying company has expertise in selling the product. It is as simple as the division of labor, which is a common practice for successful online business ventures.

Therefore, the poker white label solution is a business model where a software developer creates an online poker white label solution for an investor who wants to make money in the poker business. The software developed works perfectly and the recipient only needs to market it and get it used.

The good thing is that the platform is already made and you don’t need to start your business from scratch. You can also request modifications to fit your specific demands. For example, you can request a bingo white label or ask the developer to include a poker white label as well. You are also in charge of the payment methods put on the platform.

Therefore, when you opt for this business model, you get the white label bingo online software that guarantees you the best services for your potential customers.

Is bingo and poker white label solution a good online business idea?

It is a normal and an expected service for a business person to conduct due diligence before starting a business. The most important aspect of due diligence that you need to observe is the viability of the business in your area. You must assess the expected profits if you want to make money out of this business.

We have gathered a list of important information that will help you determine if the white label bingo online solution is a business venture that you should try this year.

Reasons why you should consider online poker white label solution

poker white label solution

Immediate launch of poker and bingo white label

The first reason why a white label solution is a preferred business model is that it helps you start your business immediately. If you are an investor who wants to tap into the growing market of the gambling industry, you don’t have to wait for long with the white label solution. You can start your business as soon as you have the cash.

While on it, you must know that this business model requires a ready initial capital ready. You cannot get into it bit by bit as it is a demanding business model.

Get technical expertise

You are probably aware that great businesses are developed by hiring the best experts to develop the systems. You too can take advantage of the expertise provided by high-skilled tech developers who have designed unique white label bingo online software. This means that you don’t have to hire a new team to start developing the platform for you.


Any keen business should always look at the cost of opening and running. When you consider the cost related to starting a bingo or poker online platform, you will find that it is much cheaper to hire the services of a white label solution provider. This is because their model is designed to offer the best services at a fair price. Hiring and maintaining an internal team of software developers will cost you a lot of money to run your business.

Customer support

Assume that you are successful in opening a bingo or poker platform for gamblers, will you be able to maintain the website? It is easier to use a white label solution provider who will continuously provide support to its list of clients to get the best results for a business. This is why choosing a poker white label is better because you will continuously get support from the team of software developers.

From these benefits, it is clear that an investor who wants to tap into the growing betting and gambling industry has a bingo white label as a viable business option.

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Bingo and poker white label – how to start?

You need to start well if you want to make it big in this industry. There are a few things that you need to do before you engage in an online poker white label solution.

What you should do before getting started

poker online white label

When it comes to the betting and gambling industry, licensing is an important consideration. This is because different countries have different laws regarding bookmaking. You need to know what kind of licenses that you should have before you start the operations.

You also need to define the kind of market that you are targeting. The good thing is that you can have a wide target because you are offering online services. Every time you think about getting to a specific country, you should also think about marketing needs for the country.

Different businesses are run differently. You need to determine how you will run your online business. For example, you need to determine the medium that you will use to increase sales. Social media is one of the best media for generating traffic.

You also need to think about your exit strategy. While the white label bingo online solution doesn’t have an expiry, you might want to diversify after making enough profits.

How to pick the best white label bingo and poker online solution?

You just need to consider a few factors for you to get the best white label service provider. Here are the most important factors:

  1. Expertise and experience: the first factor is the kind of expertise that the white label solution provider has. Since many of them will always claim to be experts in this field, you should ask for samples of their work. Their experience will set them aside.
  2. Payment solutions: online gambling relies heavily on available payment options. Therefore, the white label online poker developer should have multiple convenient payment options such as PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, etc.
  3. Robust gaming platform: the kind of gaming platform that you get should be able to handle many customers at a go. It should offer a seamless experience to attract more customers.
  4. Guidance on loyalty and welcome bonuses: the white label bingo online software that you choose should help you get the best welcome bonus features that will improve customer loyalty.
  5. Traffic analysis: they should also provide a platform where you can analyze the customers that you get based on age, location, and other demographics that may influence you to change your marketing strategies.

Of course, you should also consider many other factors but the ones mentioned are the top ones that you should prioritize.

Bingo and poker white label vs. lottery white label platform

A good business person will always explore all the options before committing to a business model. Since the white label model works perfectly, do you think you can explore other options before settling on a bingo white label?

The lottery white label is another business option that you should think about before you settle on poker and bingo. They are sort of related as they all fall in the larger betting and gambling industry. But the kinds of returns that you will get here might be different. If you are looking for a sustainable business model, then the lottery white label platform is a better choice.

A table summary of the differences between bingo & poker white label and the lottery white label platform

Differentiating FactorsBingo & pokerThe lottery
Huge marketNOYES
Loyal customersNOYES
Many winnersNOYES

High oddsNOYES

Differentiating factors: poker white label vs. lottery white label

The top reason why the lottery white label platform is better than white label online poker is the size of the market. The lottery has many players compared to poker and bingo. To an investor, this means that the market will be larger, offering a huge potential to create a huge customer base.

bingo white label

The lottery has a higher level of customer loyalty compared to bingo or poker. This is because people enjoy playing the lottery and do not notice when they lose. On the other hand, bingo and poker can be interesting but players feel bad when they lose. This makes the lottery a better option if you are looking for a business that will have good customer loyalty.

When playing the lottery, the number of winners can be many because the lucky numbers are random. Bingo only has one winner, which is quite discouraging as players don’t see themselves as capable of becoming winners in this game. This is why an investment in the lottery white label is better than white label bingo online solution.

The top reason why people love the lottery is that they believe that it is part of them. This is because the lottery pays back to society by supporting a community project. That is why gamblers will always play as they don’t feel there is any loss if they don’t get paid.

Based on these differences, you can bet that investing in the lottery white label platform is better than poker white label.

WhiteLotto lottery white label – the best alternative for bingo and poker white label

Since the lottery is a reliable business venture, you also need a reliable white label provider. WhiteLotto is the best that you can get in the market right now.

WhiteLotto is a white label company that creates specialized lottery platforms for investors who want to get money from this industry. Many people have benefited from customized lottery platforms created by WhiteLotto. Here are some of its salient benefits:

This company offers a perfect way to start your lottery business and make a lot of money online.

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